Honeywell MS7820 Hand-Free



These Metrologic/Honeywell MS7820 Hand-Free Label Scanner increases productivity with an unmatched feature set that aggressively scans high-density codes and fits easily into any existing enclosure found in small item, high-volume retail environments. Every scanner comes standard with an integrated RF EAS antenna, Checkpoint and Sensormatic interlock and the ability to be remotely configured or Flash upgraded. 
Features and Benefits :- 
Reads 5.0 mil Bar Codes Aggressively decodes high-density bar codes and optimizes checkout procedures 
Multiple Interfaces Provides infrastructure protection and ensures compatibility with most POS systems 
Diagnostic Indicator Enables fast and easy troubleshooting and decreases downtime 
Remote configuration and Flash upgrade Eliminates on-site service expenses, reducing the total cost of ownership 
Draws Power from Host through USB or serial ports (12 V) Saves space and money by reducing the number of cables 
Quick Specs 
Depth of Scan Field: 0 mm – 255 mm (0” – 10”) for 0.33 mm (13 mil) bar code 
Width of Scan Field: 100 mm (4”) @ 0 mm; 323 mm (12.7”) @ 255 mm(10”) 
Scan Speed: 1800 scan lines per second 
Minimum Bar Width: 5.0 mil (0.127 mm) 
System Interfaces: RS232, Keyboard wedge, USB , IBM 468x/469x 
Light Source: Visible laser diode 650 nm ± 10 nm